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We're a modern day company group that builds innovation for a new generation.

Company Info

The BIG FIVE Group is guided by four principles: Customer satisfaction rather than competitor trump, passion for efficiency,  commitment to high quality, and long-term thinking. Our Group strives to be a next generation retail and tech innovation company that serves the consumers behaviour by following responsibility mindset for future generations. We want to create new consumer experience by creating solutions where others look the other way. We want to create quality products that authentically connect with customers by creating brands that have a message and whose products serve as a means of communicating that message. 

Our goals and culture

We see ourself as a next generation consume enterprise that create brands that bring a product choice with a different purpose.

Principles & Leadership

Our principles are what we stand for and our leadership has the mission to follow them to make the BIG FIVE Group a thinking ahead brand building enterprise. 

The Story we're writing

The BIG FIVE Group was created based on a global changes and has just started to write a story that will create consume experiences of a new generation. 


Goals and Culture

The BIG FIVE Group defines itself as a digtial brand building platform specialized in consumer niches for everyday-usage. We want to create unique next generation shopping experiences that create long term relationships with our customers by closing the gap between reality and virtuality.

Working to earn and keep our customers’ trust is the single biggest driver of the BIG FIVE Group’s approach to build next dimension brands that brings consumers a product choice created all-for put a smile on their face. We believe that it’s about the small details within the whole customer journey that builds long term relationships. In addition, the BIG FIVE Group is committed to becoming a driver of innovation in the industry by creating a vision that leverages a portion of our global profits to solve essential problems in our world. Here are our goals that we’re trying to achieve within the next ten years:


Consumer Brands

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Charity Fund

Our Company Cutlture

At the BIG FIVE Group, we are constantly iterating, solving problems and working together to build a next generation shopping experience. We see a change in how people are consuming, driven by technology and authenticity. That’s why it’s important, that our workforce reflects the diversity of customers we serve. Hiring people and building partnerships with different backgrounds and points of view helps us make better decisions,  build better products and create better experiences for everyone. 


Leadership and Principles

Our Leadership

Yannic Vollmer

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Kraus

Chief Marketing and Chief Social Officer

Erce Ünal

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Our Principles

Our principles are what we stand for- They are beliefs we hold deeply and make tradeoffs to pursue. 

Make it Count

If it doesn’t count why to do it? We always remember on our fundamental principles and implement them in everything we do. That’s how we will have a real impact and how we will make it count on how we work. 

Giving people a voice

People deserve to be heard and to have a voice. We want to give everyone a chance. We don’t confirm to a standard, we love the uniqueness of people and we love to work with them. 

Creating a Tomorrow

There is enough of everything for everyone. We believe that we can have an impact on tomorrow by promoting our vision of a new economic system that exist to create a tomorrow that is worth to live in. 

Do More

Nothing is perfect. There is always a chance to do ti better. We are open minded and and we will not be satisfied with the status qou. We believe in giving the world additional choices to the current that can be the new standard of tomorrow. 


The Story we're writing

Where we are right now and where do we go in the next ten years?

We at the BIG FIVE Group just startet to move on into the direction of our big vision. We want to write a story that we think will change the course of the history. What sounds complex at fist is a story about people and a really simple idea.

An idea that was born while a pandemic stoped the whole world and changed the fundamentals of what we where calling “normal”, not only on a health perspective, even more about the global economy. We’ve seen a lot of positive impacts from the corona-pandemic and that opens our eyes to have a different look on the current situation. 

We believe that the biggest industry on planet earth needs to change the system to create a better tomorrow. 

Do not get it wrong, we are also a part of the global consume and we also love to see new product innovations. We do not want to stop that system, we want to grow it, but with a different purpose.

We believe that everyone inside our modern consume system could share 5% to support a different purpose. Like building a stronger mental health of our population, stopping the climate change and building infrastructures that influence the life of billions on long-term. 

We think that based on this vision it is even more fun to create new product innovation because then we’re not just creating a product like any other. We put a passion in this product and know that if it will be successful we will have an impact with every single sale the product generates.

And in the next ten years we will work as hard as we can each and every day to make this vision reality.

October 2020
The BIG FIVE Group was Born
While a global pandemic shocks the world, a little group of three different thinking founders came up with an idea to use the advantage of the the growing e-commerce industry to build a brand ecosystem that exists to have an impact for the future.
October 2020
January 2021
A Big vision
After month of working on the fundamentals for a global brand ecosystem the big vision was defined and World Changer was born. A program that has the mission to use at least 5% of the global profit the ecosystem will generate to support projects around the world that stop poverty and build a infrastructure for a better tomorrow.
January 2021
September 2021
The First Brand
The BIG FIVE Holding launched it's first global e-commerce consumer Brand Called MISTER VERCETTI, which is a modern day street fashion brand that shares a unique lifestyle vision to a global audience.
September 2021
Beginning 2022
The Savanna Club
Beginning of 2022 a unique NFT based Project callsed the BIG FIVE Savanna Club will be launched wich is the first step to realize our vision of the BIG FIVE World. Within the Club there will be 5 unique NFT collections that will be sold to 55.555 owners that will be invited to join the BIG FIVE world as beta users and which will help to finalize the vision of our virtual world.
Beginning 2022
Summer 2022
Unite For Tomorrow
The global movement alliance "Unite For Tomorrow" will be launched as a own brand and a charity NFT Collection will be sold on global marketplaces to drive attention on the vision of changing tomorrow.
Summer 2022
2023 - 2024
A Brand Ecoystem
We will build a unique decentralized brand ecosystem where the community build the fundamental. Our goal is it to launch our BIG FIVE Brands and connect them though a deep decentralized ecosystem integration.
2023 - 2024
2024 - 2026
Brand Influence
Within two years the BIG FIVE Holding will expand it's consumer Brand network to 10 brands in total by building strong brand partnerships around the world.
2024 - 2026
2026 - 2030
Hybrid Life
Until 2030 the BIG FIVE Holding will expand it'S global brand network to at least 20 hybrid consumer brands to reach 1 Million customers and generating over $500 million in total revenue.
2026 - 2030

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