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A strong network that brings the innovations of tomorrow

BIG FIVE Holdings
June 2022

Beto’s Sports Betting Clun

A limited NFT collection of 11,111 sports panthers where the token itself doubles as your membership to an elite sports betting club full where owners will win more than once, by betting on sports a strategic way and by holding a unique NFT.

Joint Venture
BIG FIVE Holdings
January 2022

Global Sports Bet Network

The BIG FIVE Holdings first global Joint Venture represents a global digital sports betting and trading platform that is build to share the markets leading sports betting information to a target group that has a investment focused mindest.

BIG FIVE Technologies
May 2022

BIG FIVE Savanna Club

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club is a limited NFT project consisting of 11,111 programmatically, randomly generated savanna residents, living in the wild steppes of the Ethereum blockchain, where the token itself doubles as a membership to a club of exclusiveness.

Fashion & NFT
BIG FIVE Holdings
September 2022


A hybrid fashion brands that will exist both in the virtual world and in the physical world and that will be developed by the voice of its decentralized community. The brand will run as a decentralized organisation where every customer can be a shareholder.

BIG FIVE Foundation
April 2022

Unite For Tomorrow

A charity brand that will build a strong alliance partners that commit to the vision to use 5% of our global consume revenue to invest in a better tomorrow.

BIG FIVE Holdings
September 2021


A modern day street fashion brand that uses a unique design to communicate a mindset driven lifestyle that influences a whole new generation.

BIG FIVE Group x Technologies

Consumer Brands

Building the consumer brands of tomorrow, that are focused on the behaviours of the customers of a new generation.

Buy building consumer brands we follow a different way. All our brands are build on a concept of sustainability and exclusiveness. We are working on new solutions to make the global and fast growing retail industry more sustainable by implementing modern day technology to run the processes behind the brand. Starting with intelligent ecommerce solutions that build the digital storefront for our brands up to a highly effective supply chain that tries to reduce the CO2 emissions dramatically. 

Consumer Brand Sectors

Product Brands

Everything that brings a value to our customers live is what our brand builders care about. From Fashion over travel gear to pet supply or home innovations our brands try to deliver the highest possible quality for a long term usage. 

Hybrid Brands

We see a huge opportunity in hybrid brands that combine physical products with modern day decentralised technologies like Blockchain and NFT. 

Community Brands

Communities are the future of the retail world especially when it comes to sustainability. By build a brand from the beginning based on the community voices it can change the footprint of a brand for the whole economy. 

BIG FIVE Holding x Investments

Joint Venture Brands

We are partnering with strong partners to expand our influence in future markets.

A big vision needs strong partners. That’s why our Holding and Investment Division works together with partners around the world to build even more brands that bring the needed innovation into the marketplace. Therefore we’ve set up a platform that allows us to create fast and professional results and scale a brand from the beginning. 

Joint Venture Sectors

Retail Brands

We collaborate with future thinking partners to establish new brands in the global market. The BIG FIVE provides a platform of technology and funds for this purpose. This allows us to build new brands faster than ever and scale them smarter to reach more consumers and support our overall vision.  

Digital Driven Brands

We work with creators and build brands around them that represent their character and gives the community an opportunity to become a part of a movement. Driven on digital platforms an social media we reach a targeted audience the most effective way to scale brands in a highly sustainable way. 

BIG FIVE Foundation

Charity Brands

We are implementing our vision of a different tomorrow in all our brand operation based on a unique charity brand.

We believe that the global consumption system of our world will experience the biggest change in history. Driven by new consumer behaviours and technology innovation the way how we consume products will change. Today consumers around the world are spending an massive amount of $63 trillion in consumer products. What if we could use a share of this mega industry to create solutions that solve our society issues and create a better tomorrow. Our theory is that 5% of the global consume could have the biggest impact in human history. We know that we could not change the system by our own but we think that we can take the first step and be a future example of a modern consume enterprise that influences others in our industry to follow. 

More about the BIG FIVE Group

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Who We are

Find out more about the company group, our principles and our leadership. 

The BIG FIVE Group

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Learn more about our Five Business divisions that will work together to realize our vision. 

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Fund out more about our unique vision that will have an huge impact on human history.