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We build a hybrid brand network that exists for a different purpose and give consumers an additional choice.

BIG FIVE Ventures is a global acting incubation and business building division that works different because ist build different. We give next generation entrepreneurs a platform to thrive.

We’re building and managing a global product-brand-network, focused on future growing e-commerce markets. We create hybrid brand experiences that connect consumers both in the real world and in an interactive virtual world. We believe that the consumer system is in change and that in the future consumers will build virtual materialism that connect reality and a world of endless creativity. Our mainly business is about building brand experience in new dimension that bring consumers an additional product choice that exists for a different purpose. To realize this we bring together our group wide knowledge and network of technologies, manufacturing, and the power of innovative content creators as well as open minded entrepreneurs. 

Ventures Savanna

Joint Ventures

Great innovations are created if the right persons come together to share their minds and ideas

To build a business from an idea it needs more than the initial idea itself. It needs knowledge and expertise from different areas to build a result. As we are living in a technology dominated business world today more and more businesses start in the space of the internet. We know the digital world best and are open to collaborate with open minded people to create the businesses and brands of tomorrow that solve exciting challenges.


To get your new business model / service to market you need to put it through an incubation period. This involves building and iterating your product whilst testing with customers and pushing towards a launch.

Creating a spin-out or simply a corporate venture / service that's brand new is a vital way of guarding against creeping threats from competitors; as well as a way of 'disrupting' yourself and generating brand new revenue streams. A dedicated team of high-calibre Rangers together with domain experts from your organisation. From Humblebee we provide experts within venture business design, service and user experience design, plus technical expertise. Domain knowledge and branch expertise comes from your organisation and other selected stakeholders.

Starup Investment

We're Investing in the Assets of the future that will build a decentralized ecosystem.

The BIG FIVE Investment is a sub-division of the BIG FIVE Ventures that is specialized in asset investment mostly focused on modern day investment opportunities like blockchain, NFT and crypto currencies to build wealth that supports our overall goal to have a positive impact on the worlds future. We believe that the world of tomorrow will be different to the current one and that we will see an asset distribution.

Business Operations

We are operative business builders driven by modern day innovation

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. As a team of passionated business builders we want to give the next generation entrepreneurs a platform to thrive their business ideas. We help to build business in a operative collaboration starting at the very beginning by defining the business model. Up to the finally running and growing business.

Brand Innovations

We are passionated brand builders with a mission to have an impact

We believe in doing, in the creative process and love it more than anything else in our daily operations. We're not only helping others to build a long-term business. We also want to show real examples of our methodology. That's why we have a own brand building sub-division at the BIG FIVE Ventures we we're building own brands from A to Z.

At the BIG FIVE we put people at the center of business

We’re on a mission to build a product ecosystem that gives customers around the world a new choice of every-day needed products. Every product brand we’re creating is following our unique principles. Our mainly focus in product development are the consumers of tomorrow. Therefore we’re giving our customers a voice and involve them in the product innovation process. We believe that the consumer behaviour is changing and we want to go the first step into a new generation of consume. We only can archive this vision by connecting with people that share our understanding and vision of how a next generation consume system could look like. 

Industries We Join

✳︎ NFTs

✳︎ Direct To Consumer

✳︎ E-Commerce

✳︎ Single Product Brands

✳︎ Digital Platforms

✳︎ Creator Brands

✳︎ Fashion

✳︎ Substainability

✳︎ SaaS

✳︎ Entertainment & Art

Venture Capabalities

Adventures & Journeys

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Our Venture Network

Brands and businesses from different markets and cultures that are all driven on our values and business visions are here to have a positive impact on the future. 

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CEO & Chairman