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We use modern technology to build hybrid brand experiences that guide business into the decade of new technology.

BIG FIVE Technology is modern innovation and growth division that uses smart digital technologies to create new hybrid brand experiences which close the gap between reality and digitality.

We’re using modern technologies to create authentic digital customer experiences. As technology is changing the world faster than ever brands are becoming more hybrid. Meaning that the customer experience starts in the digital world and continues in the physical world by connecting people on an authentic way with the initial brand. Our partners don’t collaborate with us for websites and digital design – they join the BIG FIVE to use modern day technology to build deep connections with consumers even before they become customers. 

Technology Savanna

NFT & Blockchain Development & Innovation

We're here to guide the world's leading enterprises and intellectual property owners in the next iteration of consumer behaviour.

At the BIG FIVE Group we're not interested in short-term thinking. We highly believe in blockchain based enterprises and brands and are excited to play an active role in creating the future by transforming web 2. brands into web 3 innovators.

Web Development & Design

Transforming traditional websites into emotional designed high converting "online hubs" that build market relevance

Websites exist since the beginning of the internet where they was used to show basic text and some very slow loading images. What was a ‘nice to have’ some years ago is a ‘must have’ for any business today. But what is the real purpose of a business website? That’s where we see most business get it wrong. If you visit a website the first thing that you see most of the time is something like ‘We are a family owned business since 1975…” But to be honest no one really cares about that. People are going online to find any kind of solution or answer which burns under your fingernails and they are ready to pay the one that provides the highest value as fast as possible. So, ask yourself: Does your website shares a value or a solution that lets your target group go crazy? If your answer is no or ‘I don’t know’ we would love to talk about how to transform your website into a well-dressed super-powered sales person that works 24 hours 7 days a week.

E-Commerce Development

Ecommerce is the platform through which a brand conducts commercial transactions on the internet

The e-buying or e-selling of items or online administrations through the mode of the web is known as Ecommerce. Over the last 10-15 years, Ecommerce has seen a significant flood as far as exchanges and that has been the most elevated in the years 2020-21-22 with the pandemic making it troublesome and at certain spots, unimaginable for individuals to move outside their homes to trade. In such unfavorable as well as in ordinary situations, Ecommerce turns into a simple medium to keep the economy running.

Digital Products & Platforms

Revolutionizing the human experienc

We apply digital product methodologies, including rapid prototyping, ongoing usability testing and iterative development to bridge the gap between the digital experiences of users and their physical ones. Our context-adaptive omnichannel content curation, user experience strategy, and product development put the context, expectations, and decision-making processes of people at the center of every solution. Determined through data, user research and planning, and actualized through strategy, design, and technology, we activate brands in a modern way.

Customer Experience

Optimized experiences and targeted content

We use data to map user needs to business objectives, identify critical insights & growth opportunities, and establish a data analysis framework for every part of a client’s business. Data strategy and modeling, technical data management and operational analytics support are all possible elements of client solutions. This in turn fuels faster and more confident decision-making. Collectively, data-driven design embraces agile cycles of testing and optimization, drives superior brand experience, and maximizes business performance.

Connecting business vision to brand strategy

We partner closely with our clients’ technology organizations to create and support the strategic vision for their business, identifying where they can apply technologies to improve customer service, increase employee engagement, and enhance efficiency. We help technology leaders navigate this transformation by designing the necessary architecture, processes, and team structures to implement change. From technology strategy through development and innovation, we bring a user-centric approach to all of our technology offerings. 

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