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Sustainable Operations

From the materials of our brands products, over the packaging to the global logistic and supply chain, we’re believing in a sustainable process that impacts our climate change in a positive was. We’re reducing BRANCONIC’s carbon footprint across all our business operations and leading the way other companies decarbonize worldwide. By setting ambitious goals and making strategic partnerships as well as investments. We believe that we can reduce our impact for the benefits of our customers, our communities, and our planet. 


Our Actions

Our commitment to sustainability paves the way for business operations to have a positive impact on the environment in the the service of building a better future for all. We believe in a sustainable process and we're constantly optimizing it.

The BIG FIVE Group are building sustainability into all our business operations. Beginning with our all day office operations where we’re working in a 100% paperless and digital driven environment all focused on the highest level of efficiency. Also we’re optimizing our whole supply chain to create products brand that follow our sustainability principles. We’ve a commitment to be carbon emission free by 2040. 

Sustainable Manufacturing

We’re trying our best to invest in sustainable manufacturing. Based on modern technology solutions we’re able to manufacture some of our products “on demand” this makes the whole process a lot more sustainable because we’re not manufacturing upfront. 

Carbon Footprint

The BIG FIVE Group is investing in a range of big-scale solutions to decarbonize business, some with immediate carbon savings and others with long-term payoffs. We’re on a mission to carbon emission free in 2040 including all our partners around the world,. 

Sustainable Logistics

Logistic is the a key part of our plan to meet zero carbon by 2040. We are committed to optimizing our global logistic by creating intelligent solutions based on a global network of sustainable logistic partners that we are managing within our supply chain. 

Improving packaging

We are committed to create a new generation of packaging that is 100% recyclable and uses zero plastic to pack our products by 2030. Therefore we are working together with different packaging manufacturers to develop the best possible solution. 


By choosing the right partners we believe to achieve our sustainability goals even faster. We know that we are not the only one who want to have a positive impact in our all futute and we are open to expand our global partner network. 

Climate change invest

We support climate change projects and initiatives to make our impact to help stop the climate change even bigger. Therefor we use a part of the BIG FIVE Foundation social fund that is filled with 5% of our global profit.

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