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Create a Tomorrow

The BIG FIVE Group is redistributing wealth to create a tomorrow for the one who have no possibilities to do it by their own. We’ve created a global social fund that is filled with 5% of our global profit to invest in a tomorrow where extreme poverty is not a challenge anymore. Also we work on building a global alliance that follows us on this mission to close the funding gap even faster. Our goal is to invest $15 million per year by 2030 in this mission.


Our Actions

Our commitment to help solving the biggest social issues in our environment is a big one. We believe that the power of a community can create a new mindset and influence consumers and business around the world to flip the system.

Today consumers around the world are spending $63 trillion in consumer products. And the amount is growing year by year. We believe that 5% of the global consume can change the course of history in the a way we can’t imagine yet. Imagine what a yearly amount of $3.15 trillion could impact in our environment. Our theory is that everyone can commit to give 5% to create a better tomorrow. 

Medical Infrastucture

We’re investing in medical infrastructure to build at places around the world where we see a lack today. This will impact our global population health in a highly positive way. Meaning that we invest in the lives of billions around the world. 

Education Access

Education is a big problem solver. We invest in solutions that gives humans around the world access to modern education where it not currently exist. 

Use Technology

Technology can have a huge positive impact if it’s used the right way. We’re investing in technology driven solutions to help to connect the world to give people a voice. 

Build Infrastructure

We see a lack of infrastructure at so many places around the world. That’s why we invest in projects that help building a better infrastructure around the world 

Stop extreme poverty

We invest in the mission to create a world where not a single person has to live in extreme poverty. We know that it is possible if we redistribute wealth the right way. 

Stop famine

There should no gap on bringing food to every corner of the world. We’re committed to invest in projects and organisation that help stopping famine around the world. 

More about our big vision

A better world


Find out more about our sustainable operations that drive our entire group activities. 

Our methodology

Flip the System

See what we build and how our progress is on our way to the BIG FIVE world. 

A strong alliance

Unite for Tomorrow

Fund out more about solution to have a impact on the worlds future.