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BIG FIVE Technologies

Creating tech innovations that will drive a hybrid society's ecosystem.

We're using modern technologies to create a hybrid ecosystem for a new generation.

BIG FIVE Technologies is a innovation developer that has the mission to use modern day technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented- & Virtual Reality and blockchain to build a vision of a hybrid world. We believe that the future will be a mixed reality where humans will interact and hold wealth in a space that connects reality and virtuality.

Technology Sectors

We’re constantly expanding our knowledge by entering new technology sectors. With our global technology partner network we’re able to act fast and create innovations for the future markets. 

A next dimension vision

We are driven by a big vision that we call the BIG FIVE World, which is a virtual world within the metaverse. This world is build on our priciples and will build an virtual accessable place where humans will interact, consume, play and work. 

BIG FIVE Technologies

Technology Sectors

The BIG FIVE Technologies is a internal division of the BIG FIVE Group that is focused on tech science. The primary purpose is to identify new tech trends at an early stage and to incorporate them into the group's portfolio in the long term.

We’re on a mission to create a new dimension ecosystem that combines human interaction, wealth transfer and a whole new consume experience. Our vision of a digital driven ecosystem needs a implementation of modern day as well as future technologies that will help to realize such a huge vision in a reasonable period of time. That’s why we decided to build a own tech innovation lab that will take advantage of upcoming technology trends and use them to serve the behaviour of our group wide customers. 

Our Technology Sectors

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality lets you explore new worlds and share experiences. With modern day VR solutions we’ll be able to let you dive in to a magical world where diversity will become a whole new meaning. 

Augmented Reality

Through photos and videos, AR lets you enhance shared experiences with playful virtual effects ad swipe of a screen. We are focused on build brand experiences for a next generation. 

Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence we’re able to let machines help us to create even better solutions. We are focused on use artificial intelligence to build a new dimension of consume experience. 


Blockchain enables us to create a decentralised system to transfer value in a way the world hasn’t seen before. We are focused on develop solutions that will be more than just a replacement for money like we know it. 

BIG FIVE Technolgies x Metaverse

The BIG FIVE World

The BIG FIVE World brings a vision that was born a decade ago to reality. This vision will connect the business sectors of the BIG FIVE Group and creates an interactive virtual interpreted world where we can connect with our clients community in never seen way.

We’ve a vision to create a visual world within the metaverse where humans can find together, interact and participate next generation brand experiences. We’re building a world based on our principles and with a responsibility to have a positive impact on the real world of tomorrow. We believe that this vision will be the key part that connects all our business operations to write history in a whole new dimension. 

Components of the BIG FIVE World

A uniqe visual world

The main part of the BIG FIVE World will be a visually builded world that represents a beautiful natural place inspired by the beauty of the african landscape. People can explore this whole world that contains different places like a metaverse city, a game park or even a virtual event location where artist can interact virtually with a global audience. 

Digital Assets

A virtual society needs assets as a fundamental ressource like we know it from the real world. In the BIG FIVE World people can buy and hold digital assets like virtual real estate or virtual business places that have a defined value. Assest can be traded based on blockchain and NFT technologies wich brings action into a virtual existing financial system. 

Virtual Interaction

Interaction can happen in different ways inside the BIG FIVE World. People can interact by exploring the world itself, playing games, enter a brand virtual experience or participate in an virtually hosted event.

Virtual E-Commerce

The BIG FIVE World will be a open commerce world where consumers can expore products both for the digital usage an the physical usage in a whole new way. We will open our virtual consume experience to the whole UFT Family that is part of our big vision to use consume to have a postive impact on our world. 


The society of the BIG FIVE World will have access to a own financial system that will manage any value transaction that will happen inside the BIG FIVE World. Based on modern day blockchain technology we will create a currency that is driven by to power of it’s community. 


The BIG FIVE World will host amazing collaboration spaces. Where community can come together based on interestes, products, brands or favourite creators. We believe that the main focus of our virtual world will be all about collaboration. 

We are creating a world

Imagine a place where love place and endless possibilities reign supreme. Where every individual participates and contributes his gifts surrounded by the beauty of fascination, nature and friendship painting a portrait of a visual illustrated world that drives a whole new generation. A magical gathering where all are equal, celebrating live in a never seen dimension. This place will exists, we call it the BIG FIVE World.

The BIG FIVE World is a vision project that combines the whole operation power of the BIG FIVE Group and our brand network wide community. We want to build a fundamental infrastructure that will be a part of the metaverse where people can participate building it to a real magical visual illustrated world by adding their creative ideas and connecting them with the kernel of the BIG FIVE World. 

We build a place that is owned by the people of the BIG FIVE World.

The BIG FIVE Group will create the framework that will drive this new world. A framework of values and principles that will influence the society of this visual world. Everything in addition will be build and owned by the people of the community that share the same values and believe in the vision.

We will give creative minds and change makers the chance to be a part of this vision and to put their own influence inside the BIG FIVE World. It will be possible to “upload” objects from the reality into the virtuality to make this world a unique place. People will have the chance to be owners of parts of this world, to build assed value and to make this place something that will stay for generations and will be continually developed and improved. 

The BIG FIVE World

Expected to be accessible as of 2025

What's next?

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