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BIG FIVE Investments

We're Investing in the Assets of the future that will build a decentralized ecosystem.

We're building wealth by investing in next generation assets that will help to realize our overall big vision.

The BIG FIVE Investment division is a internal department of the BIG FIVE Group that is specialized in asset investment mostly focused on modern day investment opportunities like blockchain, NFT and crypto currencies to build wealth that supports our overall goal to have a positive impact on the worlds future. We believe that the world of tomorrow will be different to the current one and that we will see a  asset distribution. In collaboration with the BIG FIVE Technologies department we are also closing the gap between virtuality and reality, meaning that we’re working on solutions that will allow to transfer real worlds assed based on a digital asset management. This will change the world in so many parts and we think that this change will help the world to improve its economy. 

Investment Sectors

Learn more about the different Investment Sectors we are focusing on and find inspiration in our strategic approach to build a hybrid investment portfolio that will stay on long term. 

Investing in a different tomorrow

We’re using a significant part of the investment profits to support the BIG FIVE Foundation charity projects around the world. We believe in giving and that’s why our whole group operations are committed to sharing value that builds a better tomorrow. 

BIG FIVE Investments

Investment Sectors

The BIG FIVE Holding represents a next generation digital driven consumer platform that is focused on create unique shopping experiences by giving consumers a product choice that is committed to a sustainable and environment changing purpose.

We’re on a mission to build a product ecosystem that gives customers around the world a new choice of every-day needed products. Every product brand we’re creating is following our unique principles. Our mainly focus in product development are the consumers of tomorrow. Therefore we’re giving our customers a voice and involve them in the product innovation process. WE believe that the consumer behaviour is changing and we want to go the first step into a new generation of consume. 

Our Investment Portfolio

Long Term Crypto Investments

We believe in the power of the mainstream crypto currencies. That’s why we’re growing our crypto Investment Portfolio of mainstream coins like BTC and ETH on consistency. In a inflationary system this will help to secure a global finance system.

Short Term Crypto Investment

In collaboration with the BIG FIVE Technology department we are running an intelligent analysing system that helps us to recognise short term investment opportunities in an early stage. Our primary focus on short term investments is a legit profit margin from the investments. 

Digital Assets and NFT

To get a better unterstanding of the future assets of our world and to have a future influence on this whole new financial system we are investing in early stage NFT projects that we think will help us to realize our group wide vision of the BIG FIVE World. 

Real Estate

Based on strong international partnerships we invests in traditional real estate projects around the world to build a strong asset fundamentals on a long term perspective. 

Joint Venture

If we get involved in interesting Joint Venture opportunities we love to support them. We do not only invest money in this projects, also we can invest our group wide knowledge that can help to make these projects a success. 

Stock Market

The stock market is still a highly important asset that we can not ignore. Thats why we’re Investing around 10% of out portfolio in long term stocks that we believe will stay in the future. 

The money pool

Portfolio Split

The above chart shows the all over split of our investment portfolio and how it is splitted into our different sectors. 

BIG FIVE Foundation Share

From our generated profits we are giving 20% to the BIG FIVE Foundation to support charity projects around the world. 

Portfolio Development (Vision)

Based on our group wide forecast we’ve the vision to manage a global portfolio of $75 Million until 2030 and grow it to at least $200 Million until 2040. 

What's next?

BIG FIVE Foundation

Next, learn about our group internal foundation that exist to help creating a better version of the world’s tomorrow. 

More about the BIG FIVE Group

The Company

Who We are

Find out more about the company group, our principles and our leadership. 

Our Progress

What We Build

See what we build and how our progress is on our way to the BIG FIVE world. 

Different Purpose

Our Impact

Fund out more about our unique vision that will have an huge impact on human history.