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BIG FIVE Foundation

We're investing in a tomorrow that is worth to live in by flipping the system.

We see an opportunity in our global consume system to change the world of tomorrow

We believe that the global consumption system of our world will experience the biggest change in history. Driven by new consumer behaviours and technology innovation the way how we consume products will change. Today consumers around the world are spending an massive amount of $63 trillion in consumer products. What if we could use a share of this mega industry to create solutions that solve our society issues and create a better tomorrow. Our theory is that 5% of the global consume could have the biggest impact in human history. We know that we could not change the system by our own but we think that we can take the first step and be a future example of a modern consume enterprise that influences others in our industry to follow. 

Charity Actions

The BIG FIVE Foundation invests in charity projects all around the world that support our own purpose of creating a world with less poverty, more education and a stable climate. 

Unite for Tomorrow Alliance

A global alliance created by the BIG FIVE Foundation that is called “Unite For Tomorrow” which builds collaboration with consume enterprises that agree to support our big vision. 

BIG FIVE Foundation

Charity Actions

The BIG FIVE Foundation is a global acting non-profit organisation within the BIG FIVE Group that has the mission to invest 15% of the global group profit to make the vision of a new world reality by flipping the consume system.

We believe that we can have a positive impact on our all future by just changing a little set screw in our well running consume system, which allows us to use a profit share from our business operations to invest in the change of human history. We will go the first step into this huge vision and will spare no effort to influence as many as possible to let this vision become reality.  

Charity Sectors we invest in


We invest in project that support the goal to make water accessable for everyone in every social class


We invest in projects that help to build a global food supply chain and helps to stop the world’s hunger. 


We invest in building infrastructure in places around the world where it’s not a standard yet. 


We invest in projects that bring education to any corner of the world. We believe that especially the digital transformation of the world will have huge impact in education. 


We invest in sustainable solutions that will help to stop the climate change. Beginning with our own supply chains we will influencer a whole industry to become more sustainable. 

Stop Extrem Poverty

There are still 736 Million people around the world that live in extreme poverty. We’re going the first step to close the funding gap that will stop extreme poverty forever. 

BIG FIVE Foundation

Unite For Tomorrow Alliance

Building a global alliance that commit to one huge vision - to give 5% of the global consume profit and invest it to build a better tomorrow for those who can't.

Our global consume industry generates an huge amount of $63 Billion every year. We believe that if we will inspire this mega industry to spend at least 5% to invest in a better tomorrow the future of the world will be different in a positive way. Could we give 5% to create a better tomorrow? Image a future world where we are using 5% of the global amount that is spend into consumer products to have a positive impact for the human future. And we believe that everyone that makes a living out of the consumer product industry can give 5 % to make this happen.

Think about what this amount can change in our world. We would be able to solve the biggest problems in the human future and would build the fundamentals of a better tomorrow. So let’ all get together and unite to change the world.

What's next?


Next, learn about our group internal marketing agency that has the mission to transform local markets into scalable digital businesses. 

More about our big vision

The Vision

Change the World

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Our methodology

Flip the System

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A strong alliance

Unite for Tomorrow

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