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We're transforming local markets into scalable digital businesses.

We’re on a mission to make growing a local business a whole lot easier, quicker, less stressful and more fun.

The BIG FIVE Agency was the cornerstone for the whole BIG FIVE Group. That’s where our story started and it will be part of what’s coming in the future. Born from an idea to bring big agency services to a local market the BIG FIVE Agency developed a unique service portfolio that can be integrated in any local business to help them growing their revenue. This strategic approach allows us to realize what we’re talking about and within the past years we wrote a lot of amazing success stories. 

Agency Operations

The BIG FIVE Holding builds and manages a global product-brand-network, focused on future growing e-commerce mass-markets. We create hybrid brand experiences that connect consumers 

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Learn more about the digital Marketing Agency that was build with a different approach – to help local businesses to transform into a scalable digital business machine that is well prepared for the digital age. 


The Agency Operations

The BIG FIVE Agency uses a unique story to simplify a complex thematic. It tells a story of a digital safari that has the goal to meet all of the BIG FIVE animals. Each animal represents a service sector that all together build a strong and scalable fundamental for a business to scale online.

Our proven experts are called the digital safari rangers and they are guide the clients through the digital safari. Every customer relation ship starts with a intense kick-off consulting to really find out what the client’s business is about and how out strategy can help to scale the business using our digital marketing system and our own developed technology solutions that make this whole process simple and scalable. 

The Agency's BIG FIVE

Elephant Branding

We’re building strong digital brands for local markets that will attract more clients and prospects within a local market. 

Buffalo Online Hub

We’re building online hubs for local business that will represent the clients business in the best possible way and helps to scale a valuable digital customer database.

Cheetah Search

We’re helping local businesses to be visible on Google for local search requests. Based on a proven local SEO Strategy we’ll help our clients to climb up to the top position on Google. 

Social Media Lion

We’re building a attention grabbing social media presence for local business that will help to connect and interact with their clients in a highly effective way. 

Rhino Scaling

We’re implementing a intelligent scaling process into the clients online hub that will lead to more prospects and more profit.


The In-House Agency

To have a agency in place that helps all our group divisions when it comes to digital marketing, brand development or e-commerce development is a big win for our whole company group.

The BIG FIVE Agency is build on two sectors. One the agencies client business and second the group wide internal operations about digital marketing and e-commerce development. In collaboration with the BIG FIVE Technology division the agency also works on new digital innovation that can be transformed into a digital service product that we can offer to our agency clients as well. 

In House Agency Operations

Creator Marketing

Content Creators become more and more important for brands in the future. We believe that strong partnerships with creative content creators will help our brands to reach their markets better. faster. smarter. The BIG FIVE Agency manages all the content creator campaigns. 

E-Commerce Development

Most of brands of the BIG FIVE Holdings are e-commerce driven brands. To make our business more scaleable the BIG FIVE Agency developed a highly effective e-commerce framework that allows us to launch a new brand faster than ever. 

Global Marketing

The BIG FIVE Group are positioning itself into future markets that are driven by innovation and technology. To get the needed attention on our innovations the BIG FIVE Agency takes care about our group wide global marketing activities that mostly happen online. 

What's next?

BIG FIVE Holdings

Next, learn about our next generation brand Holding division that will create the brands and products for a new generation. 

More about the BIG FIVE Group

The Company

Who We are

Find out more about the company group, our principles and our leadership. 

Our Progress

What We Build

See what we build and how our progress is on our way to the BIG FIVE world. 

Different Purpose

Our Impact

Fund out more about our unique vision that will have an huge impact on human history.