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Our world is in transformation and so are we.

The world is currently transforming and a hybrid society is in the making. Our company’s vision is to bring innovations into this new world and creating a new dimension of interaction and consumer experience.

The evolution of human society will be hybrid. Our company's vision is to help building solutions that connect the virtuality with the reality.

BIG FIVE Holdings

A strong network that holds the innovations of tomorrow.

The BIG FIVE Holding is a modern day global brand holding and joint venture management division of the BIG FIVE Group. The BIG FIVE Holdings is the primary business division of our company group that will represent all our next generation consumer brands that will connect a new hybrid society and give consumers and additional product choice. All our brand products exist for a different purpose.

BIG FIVE Technologies

Creating tomorrows tech innovations

Meet the tech and innovation division of the BIG FIVE Group that builds our vison of a hybrid world.

BIG FIVE Investments

Investing in the Assets of tomorrow

Learn more about our unique and future orientated investment strategy. That will help do build a decentralized system

BIG FIVE Foundation

Building a better tomorrow by starting today.

Learn more about our unique vision on how we believe we could have a huge impact on the world’s future. 


Helping business to scale in the tech decade.

Meet the BIG FIVE Agency that exists to implement our digital innovation into our customers business to scale them.